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World's Finest™ KT17ULTRA 17 Pc Waterless Cookware
This is the finest cookware made. It is superior to all the brand nam more...
5 of 5 Stars!

World's Finest™ KT17ULTRA 17 Pc Waterless Cookware Reviews
Product: World's Finest™ KT17ULTRA 17 Pc Waterless Cookware World's Finest™ KT17ULTRA 17 Pc Waterless Cookware
From: S. Hislop
Date: Tuesday 28 February, 2012

This is the finest cookware made. It is superior to all the brand names you may be familiar with and sold in department stores AND so-called gourmet cooking supply stores. The quality is in the superior stainess-steel which is the thickest available, and the highest carbon content. The exterior surface is highly polished and durable. The cooking superiority is in the base of each pan which is made of layers of aluminum (7 layers or "plys" bonded together for its superior heat conduction) sealed inside a stainless-steel jacket or capsule so that food cooks evenly. There are no hot spots even in the largest frypan. This even cooking maintained on my old electric coil cooktop, and I love the cookware on my new conduction surface cooktop. I can put the cookware in the oven too. I use a high-quality paste metal polish occasionally to remove hard water spots, fine marks, and polish the mirror finish. I have accidently let the water cook out and burned the food black in the bottom. THis did not ruin the pan even though it turned a bit bluish from the heat treatment. I got the discoloration and burnt food off and brought the pan back to like-new as follows: after removing the burnt-on food by soaking, scraping, and cleaning with Comet cleanser and SOS steel wool pads, I used finer and finer grit water sanding pads starting with 150 and going to the finest 300 grit, then steel wool with metal polish, then a polishing cloth. The pans look new and will forever. The amazing thing is the price, because this superior cookware is much less expensive than cookware sold at many times the price. I have bought sets for my adult children and own 2 sets myself because I do alot of cooking, especially around the holidays, and need extra pans. I have expanded my set with other size pots and pans of the same construction, like smaller fry and omlette pans, stock pots, grilles, and roasters. All you have to do is hold one of these pans in one hand and any other brand in the other to immediately see the difference.....then look at the price difference!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

World's Finest™ KT17ULTRA 17 Pc Waterless Cookware product information

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